Tough challenges? You need proven

Problem Solvers

Collaborative Leaders

Fowler Construction delivered its first Integrated Construction Delivery (ICD) project in 1982.

That project, over 30 years ago, required an Advocate for the Client to carry the project through a bureaucratically intense and politically contentious public approval process long before construction plans were produced. Fowler answered the call, met the challenge, and got the approvals.
It marked a major transition into commercial construction, and it has henceforth defined Fowler’s specialty as problem solvers.

Today, Fowler has become the go-to contact for unusual or difficult projects. With collaborative leadership, Fowler works with the Client, Design Team, Consultants, and the in-house Construction Team to achieve the goal.

As the leaders of the Client’s team, Fowler has achieved successful outcomes for many clients who were frustrated with other contractors and designers, who were lost in bureaucratic red tape, and who were told (sometimes repeatedly) that they would never get it done.

As Client ADVOCATES Fowler has permitted and built:

  • A cruise ship pier
  • FEMA dry-flood-proofed buildings
  • Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) utility crossings
  • Rack-supported dry storage barns
  • Fixed, floating, and heavy docks
  • A public fishing pier reconstruction
  • Over-water structures (Butler Act land and Submerged Land Leases)
  • Politically charged entitlements
  • A funeral home and crematorium
  • Environmentally sensitive projects
  • And more, including: offices, restaurants, retail, banks, libraries, fire stations, vehicle wash buildings and most other commercial construction projects

AND – Satisfied and Successful Clients!